About us

FEW intends to bring those in Europe together who all share the same spirit of Wado karate. Everywhere in the world, whether it be in the past, present or in the future, people agree and disagree with each other. This is only natural.. However, FEW intends to put differences aside and look for what we all have in common: Our love for karate.

Using Summer Camps, seminars, National and European championships, FEW intends to bring all of us together. With karate as our Way, through karate, we can share the happiness with each other and strive for the ultimate goal: Peace and Harmony.

Executives 2016 - 2020


Maurizio Gai


1st Vice President

Peter May


2nd Vice President

Thomas Leinfors


General Secretary

A.J. van Dijk



Ákos Nagy



Referee Committee

  • Thomas Leinfors
  • Maurizio Gai
  • Igor Lazarev
  • Siobhan Leckey 

Technical Committee

  • Sakagami sensei
  • Nukina sensei
  • Peter May
  • Thomas Leinfors
  • Frederico Silva
  • Derek Desmond

Organising Committee

  • Raj Bhardwaj
  • Ákos Nagy
  • Person from organising country, this year Maurizio Gai