Wadokai Karate

What is Wado Ryu?

Wadoryu means literally ‘style of the way of peace’. This name implies that karate is not meant to teach people how to fight, but how to be peaceful. Like Zen, one learns to control the mind through a physical act. Karate’s origin is the act of being brought ‘back’ to the Zen principle of ‘natural state’ or the ‘pure mind’. As soon as this state is attained by meditation and self-control, one is free from any obstruction caused by fear to for example suffer from pain or to become exhausted. Wadoryu karate is a unique form of karate which was developed by professor Hironori Ohtsuka.

Online Wado

At WadokaiOnline.com, you can purchase several Wado books and DVDs.

You can also have a look at the Wadokai Holland BLOG, which is in both the Dutch and English language. 

Of course, all websites of our members countries are recommended and some of those website contain information about Wado techniques and history. You can find all necessary information on the members page.